The Sex Poem

Softly stirring, slowly waking, languorously stretching, bliss in its purest form. Fingers gliding over silken skin. Tracing the contours from collar bone, over shoulder, between breasts and stopping to trace the curve of your hip. Eyes flicker open reluctantly only to immediately snap shut in ecstasy. Back arching, lips parting, quietly sighing as tongue traces from navel to the curve of your breast. Sweet skin masked by salty sweat, addicted to the unique taste of your body. Moaning softly as nipple hardens on velvety tongue and between moist lips. Nails dig into my back, as teeth nip sharply at my neck, pain melding with pleasure, indistinguishable and sublime. Hips thrust erratically as I abandon nipple and lick down your stomach dipping into navel and continuing down, biting gently on the satin covered flesh of your inner thigh, alternating with kisses and caresses. Wet heat begs for my touch as I trace the outline of your lips. Moving back up your body, teeth teasing sensitive skin as fingers explore inner flesh, wet heat convulsing around my fingers. Thumb brushes over clit eliciting a sharp gasp as hips buck under insistent pressure. Lips surrounding nipple sucking, biting, caressing actions causing mounting pleasure. Sudden movement, what? Flat on my back as your hands pin wrists to the mattress. Licking neck, sucking, biting_mmmm, feeling blood rushing to the surface of my skin as you mark me as your own. Dilated eyes filled with lust rake over my body, hands groping breasts as hot mouth travels down stomach, latching onto clit, gently sucking. Fingers thrusting in and out, setting rhythm as my hips strive to keep tempo. Please, don’t stop. Harder, deeper, more_so wet, so hot. Yes, cumming, orgasm exploding, shaking as arms encircle me, holding me in post-coital bliss.

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