Love Letter

Your sweet tender love has my senses reeling

your angelic voice gently ringing in my ears

From the first hello I've been flooded with feeling

you cast away all of my shadows and fears

When you cast that spell of love my direction

I could not resist the fate that it brought

realizing angels brought this love connection

and tossed aside all cautious thought

The spirit of your sensual touch lingers ever clear

the spirit of your breath in my every dream

all that is intimate from you I hold ever so dear

longing for the moment to see your eyes gleam

Never will your sweet voice fall on deaf ears

nor will nights be empty but fullfilled

I shall relish this passion through the passing years

together in love our life senses thrilled

Ever awaiting your sensual touch to mine

as tender lips gently pass and discover

with careless fireworks beneath February shine

Never part from me my ambient lover

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