Always Loving You


Have you ever hurt, ever cried yourself to sleep?

Ever lost something you thought was yours to keep?

Do you ever wonder how it could have been?

Ever wish you could go back and relive it again?

Would you do anything to have him speak your name?

Would you give anything and everything to have him feel the same?

And when you look into the eyes of others, do you only see his?

Do you remember how he would cheer you up with a sweet delicate kiss?

And when you do see him, does your body get numb and turn very weak?

And all he has to do is look at you, he doesn't even have to speak?

Do you ever hear the phone ring, hoping it's his voice on the line?

Ever hope that one day, maybe, he'll change his mind?

Or maybe there's a reason why we can no longer be,

And that is just something I'm gonna have to see.

I live with the nights being longer and so incomplete,

But I'll always love you, 'cause my heart is yours to keep.

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