Sadness Story

I wanted everyone to understand

How hard it is to give up on

The one thing that's makes you feel better

I hate how they all say it's wrong

But I guess the idea of self-harm

Is unthinkable for people who've never been there

So they yell and shout saying it's selfish

And we run off cos we think they don't care

If only they knew how much we bleed

How we cry ourselves to sleep

And the only way we can take our mind of it

Is to cut, and cut deep

Pull my sleeves down to cover the scars

Wallow in guilt in shame that it's gone this far

If only somebody had hugged me and said they loved me

But that's not the way people are

I guess it's hard for them to see

And parents feel they failed us somehow

It's easier for them to shout

To cover the guilt they feel now

The sad thing is so many kids

End up feeling cutting is the only way

It's a solution, if only temporary

Because for a few seconds, every thing's okay

And if there were a better choice

Some other way to make myself feel good

I'd take it, grab it with both hands

It doesn't help not being understood

My parents never speak about love

Like it's a subject only on TV

Other kids have other reasons

But it's lack of love that's got me

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