Promising the After-Life


There’s a world out there crying

Yearning for the perfect life

That Jesus is promising

To end our battle and our strife.

There’s mansions being built in heaven

Are they colorful like a rainbow?

Giving us hope for the all new

Soon to be after-life.

The street of gold is promised

It's mentioned in the book.

Are my friends really up there-

Are they dancing in the light?

I need to learn to bow down

at the sound of my Savior’s voice

and stop questioning the love

he has for me or for the human race.

I’m scared that when my body dies

Heaven will cease to exist.

What will I have wasted more in life

My loyalty to God or partying with friends?

But what if Hell is real

And the flames are miles high.

How will I then save my soul

And keep my Savior by my side.

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