The Journey of the spore

The Journey of a spore

The winter has been long this poet has been sleep

I'm a spore that's been buried in the darkness of the deep

The soil above me has been covered in ice and snow

Creativity Cryogenics it's been a hibernated kind of flow

This slow slumber has had me in a suspended dimension

Sometimes seeds have to be replanted for growth and redemption

Ascension is only sweet when you recognize why you fell

Once was a spore encased in a pod, living so lush and well

Among prolific leaves and branches in their presence I gelled

The comfort of this green empire kept me compelled

The radiance shines through this warm translucent shell

When they all started changing colors man I couldn't even tell

Didn't even see my sudden plummet to this dirt I call hell

I kick and scream and squirm with all of these worms

Didn't even know in these depths so much would be learned

What is this place? Oh how I want to go home

To the comfort of that euphoric kingdom, wish I can once again roam

In the nurturing magnificence, attached to my comfort zone

Now I feel scared cold and all alone

What is this place? and why am I here?

I'm thrust in muddy void now I must face all of my fears

So out of place I feel, all the critters come around

They see my vulnerability, they feed off how much I'm down

Feel so hopeless but attach themselves to numb my pain

Distracts me from being in what I call a prison

I complain profusely and constantly say this aint living

These parasites start becoming aggressive, now they want control

Just becoming a part of their gang isn't enough they want my soul

Others like me encourage me to be diligent and wait

Liquid food from heaven is coming, you just have to have faith

Now that i'm getting fed this knowledge the creatures pounce on me more

Trying to isolate me and then invade my core

As mysterious others start to feed me and with their ways they pour

I start to realize who I am and begin to declare war

They tell me I get my power and strength from up above

And His presence will rain down and nourish us in love

We start to change start transforming in to something I don't understand

Strange extensions breakthrough from us, what is this

They tell me our growth is at hand

You see this place we are in we are just here for a season

The more Divine water we receive, the more we rise and we're leaving

We begin to rise slowly together and cut all the bugs on us loose

They tell me don't forget this foundation, for right now you are a root

What a revelation I was what I was attached to this was meant to be

To Ascend from beneath and become the image of the Tree

I come forth into a new world and a new being is born

I see a community dressed in bright yellow, pink and white adorned

This pastel imagery has me consumed

Was once a lost seed, now I'm among The only begotten SUN

Behold spring, I'm in bloom.

Poet of Pain Copyright © 2009

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