December... leaves

The last stubborn three, damn I guess they don't want to leave

They are now exposed on my almost naked tree

They don't want to fall and be grieved

To the earth die, shrivel, and crumble

With the vast others,  they  blow away and tumble

No they hold on strong  through nature's nippy breath

The rest of  you can break off, descend to your death

Your grave these three leaves tenaciously stayed

To alter change  unto these branches let us stay as slaves

The memories of shade we gave,

Well we want to keep giving

Those others can find rest  underneath the snow

Amongst the frigid we're still living

Driven diligent to stay with you oak

This trio here, is rebels of resistance

Wearing warm colors of red and yellow

As the sun becomes more distant

Hold on as she blows

Won't fold as she blows

Hell no we won't go!

Hell no wind... we won't go!

We want to linger, because we're far from ready

To leave this bark armored giant

Our defiance is firm, steadfast and steady

The air becomes more violent

Oh the pressure gets so heavy

All that we've been through,

I know you don't want to shed me

We'll keep you company

In the dead of this bitter season

In the midst of these barren skeletons

Tell these elements we're not leaving

Let us comfort you these harsh months

When the rest of them are gone

We'll stay here  and whisper to you

Through even the worst of ice storms

You don't need the new ones

We are holding on to  our space

You know in that heart of wood

No one can take our place

Now this oak talking, I'm so tired of this long winter

Just ready for a new bloom

A new atmosphere to enter

Your comfort has become thorns

I know you think you are soldiers

You belong with the  spirit of autumn

I'm the one that's been holding ya

So firm and tight,  nature then  bombards

And bites me like a Chicago bluster

Emptys her lungs, the 3 needs to join the cluster

She constantly fights me

Wanting to take her course

Let them descend to the ground

Can't get new green leaves in spring

As long as fall ones are around

One day the right roots will

Intertwine with mine

The branches and leaves, well they had their time

New life will break through... and march

One day so sorry you can no longer stay

God I take my hands off

Open your nostrils ... and

Blow them away.

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