An August Baptism

Another for your collection

Hey baby, I guess here we go again

Down this reminiscing refrain

You know my mind goes back

To a euphoric Dog day Monday

Where the clouds where cotton candy fluffy

Thinking of that day really touches me

I remember you took off

So we can spend the day together

After a rough week, it seems we would sever

Going to Bob Evans for breakfast

Made things feel a lil better

Also the magnificent upper 80 degree weather

Lord this day I will really treasure

It almost seemed like the beginning of something

Well it also was the ending

Just a little escape from our tense times

Just a bit of mending

My family was out of town that week

So their pool is free

Come on wouldn't it be fun to take a refreshing dip with me?

Let's jump in and wash all the stress away

Let's be children, baby lets laugh and play

Once we hopped in, boy I could stay all day

Until we're wrinkled like prunes

Immersed in this pool we're so consumed

Talking, hugging

Loving and


Bonding is what we've been missing

Giving each other our in depth interviews

Getting to know each again

Those specifics

You float atop of me

While it seems like we're up in the sky

Breathing in the atmosphere

Bathing in our personal lagoon

Sky scraping the stratosphere

I guess that's the effect

When your house is on a hill

Submerging playing our penny game

This day has been so surreal

Just for a couple hours say we forget our troubles

Enjoy nature and her elements

Anything beyond

You and this crystal clear pool

Is so irrelevant

I want to stay in here hugging you

With no cares

Straight into the twilight

When the sun disappears

It was something special about

Our private swim

This day was beautiful and  flawless

God baptized us that day


On a Monday in August.

Dedicated to Tiffany

Don't cry baby, this was such a day of joy that I will never forget.Thank you for this memory. Love you.

Poet of Pain

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