I drive

I drive

I drive like i'm on autopilot staring through the sky

I drive in my rearview I watch yesterday go by

I drive so numb I'm so listless at times

I drive a repititious ride with a saturated mind

I drive sometimes on this uncharted road

I drive sometimes a don't know where the hell i'mma go

I drive so blind but begin to see so clear

I drive so the lies become the truth that I hear

I drive her scent kisses me in the wind, blowing in my face

I drive and i'm getting further and further from that place

I drive through my city and sometimes I don't want to stop

I drive and look around, damn what a closed in box

I drive roll down my window inhale carbon dioxide

I drive exhale on them oxygen from the hope that I hide

I drive Inside I really explain what I hold within

I drive concious and self aware of these sins

I drive on this familiar route longing for a change

I drive on this circular highway, comeback to the same ole same

I drive to look upon B-more separated

I drive in 2006 to see we're still segregated

I drive right now to a comtemplative refrain

I drive Harnessing these clouds of caesar, that will one day reign

I drive without AC waiting for your time is a blistering heat

I drive on this long bumpy road and realize no one is in the passenger seat

I drive endlessly until the the pacific i'm beside

I drive until the sunset is reflected in the tide

I drive without border while my world behind me dies

I drive until I'm reborn, through destiny's cervix i've arrived

The drive is why i'm alive.

Coldaugust © 2006


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