When my people?


When my people, when?

When will we ascend?

When? When we descend ?

When we reach the bottom?

That's when we comprehend

When we are broke?

When we get shot?

When will we break the cycle?

When will we stop selling

the government's rocks?

When we become aware

When we stop worshipping false idols?

When will we stop doing the cabbage patch,

hooting and hollering in church

and really read the bible?

When will we turn off the TV?

Stop taking taking in that junk

When will we fertilize our minds?

They're dormant eggs, No spunk

No sperm we need scripture's fire like a unwashed perm

Our antibodies are gettin sparse, the world's filled with germs

When will we vote? put away that played out smoke?

Current rappers glorify weight and coke, you're a mothaf****n joke

When will we stop supporting this Garbage that don't change?

When will we realize the programming of our brains?

When? I say when tommorrow or will you wake up today?

When will you see all of this dismay?

Pastors have become pimps, the devils having his way

Sheeps you better get gangsta because our shepherds are straying away

The wolves are coming, It's only gonna get worse

When will we nourish our spirits? when will we put God first?

P.O.P © 2006

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