Don't utter don't speak

Don't mutter any speech

Let your throat

Hold you're talking captive              

Lock it deep

Baby I know what you want

You want to be teased, so you can profusely leak

You want those preludes to those multiple peaks

Reach that level that will be a parallel to sex

We create a vibe without verbiage from the larynx

You are complex; seem very intricate in your ways

Time seems infinite when give me that wanting gaze

Ablaze the desire by not quite knowing you're admired

I love wondering if I'm secretly setting your passions on fire

I come closer, and then closer your eyes rock me a soliloquy

The rhythm her blinking tells a story, is she feeling me?

Is she thinking what I'm thinking? Well I can only hope

Parasites are the butterflies and our belly is the host

Imagine the intensity of that first touch

Touching your face watching you fight the cutest blush

Don't look away, I lift her chin and it all begins

Our shirts tremble from our hearts beating within

Can't stop looking at your pretty face, been longing for that taste

Well we've come to the finish line of this oh so tense race

This moment here I traced, towards you I take that last step

Your lips I embrace and kiss, it simply steals our breath

we've arrived at that place, I've accessed and I'm here

Don't say a thing, this moment is beyond speaking

Save your vocals, no longer we're seeking

It's in our gut we've been in each others head

Nonverbally I've been undressing you, nothing had to be said

When something is right you really don't have to try

Mentally I feel your flood, like the first time I touch between your thighs

Waves we been sending have exceeded sound

What I feel is left unspoken, no words can be found.


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