This is my poem, I have'nt even been writing since youth

2004 is when these words became profuse

Out of verbal abuse, rejection, and low self esteem

Took me 32 years to realize mothafuckas aint what they seem

They seem like an angel but really they're on the cusp

of demons darker dusk i'm the blunt that they lace with dust...

I bust this literary nut, not because I want or to stunt

I make love to this art and become one with her cunt

Once I realized all this fire was in me

I harnessed my anguish, now all hell is coming with me

My hell was feeling empty, now these poems will expose me

Now you will see what Cold see's can you spiritually hold me?

It's unfolding, I am an instrument wanting God to compose me

I never chose poetry, I think poetry chose me.


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