P assion runs deep like the vast pacific

O ceans of ink I will sink so someone else can get lifted

E verytime I write I hope someone gets a breath of life

T rials and tribulations find wisdom while i'm low, so I can appreciate the heights

O btacles come oh the heat, like hell it will singe

F ire from my tongue, phrases become that food that I binge

P ressured for so long finally I breach my contained dam

A boy that wrote some flurries, now I have written an avanlanche oh  man

I reached inside and I pulled feelings from the depths

N umb I am from past hurt, now my pen has wept

I write for ones who can't channel pain through words

S alvation sometimes comes from the blood of these nouns and verbs

P lease lord let concepts flood my lungs, your proverbs I recieve

R ose from my bottom because In myself I started to believe

O pulant is my vision abundant is my dreams

L avish is my manuscripts, the wealth is yet to be seen

I know greatness will manifest, just because I spoke it

F eelings will possess my pen, like an entity wrote it

I feel like my paragraphs can cover lands of drought like a tidal wave

C onsumed by poetic gasoline, It's time I set paper forests ablaze.

Coldaugust © 2006

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