The reflections of a hurting culture

I am the reflection of this hurting culture

This carcass has life

Still food for the leeches and vultures

Scultures of Christ I bow in the shadows of

My hate is Goliath, an David is my love

Blood spilled in my city has become an uncontrollable flood

Murdered by slugs, drugs or no glove, we stay getting the bug

We get pimped either by the system, a dude or chic

The devil uses a recycled hustle

Basically the same ole shit

When we we look around and say enough is enough?

We suddenly search for God only when the times get rough

I'm here to provide you the mirror that no ones wants to look in

Truth is a blinding light, because of the image is our sins

Don't look away brother, you're becoming endangered and rare

Don't look away sister, as a son of you I know the burdens you bear

I want yall to know your struggle I understand

Through this art I offer myself to you

Here I am, the poetic lamb.

P.O.P © 2006

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