B-more The murky harbor water

B-more:  In the murky harbor water

As I look into our water's depths

It talks to me

We've learned about slavery but still aint free

A wind is blowing and the tainted waves

Have been breaching our city

Hopelessness and despair floods us

Why is it so damn gritty?

School system shitty, we can't make the grade

Our brothers sell drugs because who can live on

The minimum wage?

We work just to survive, but we don't live

Making someone else rich, by the blood and sweat we give

Brother's doing bids doing better than niggas that's out

And about in B-more

Seem like the cops just wait, plot, and crouch

Put some salt in our wound, we need to change our dressing

Heal ourselves; they love to see us down at processing

It's time for some positive processing,

When we learn our lesson

The devil is pimping us

By getting our minds we are willingly undressing

I look around my city no one has a smile

Dope strips, crack heads, murders we living foul

Mother’s tears flow like the nile, for out living

Their sons, My black brothers lives don’t see pass 21

It's done it’s such a shame, we get so caught up in the game

Recognize this game, let's harness this pain

Turn it to gain, lets break this stereotypical chains

When we become conscious of the problem

No one else is the blame

There is such a story to tell in Baltimore’s

Cracked pavement, to be told

In the cold murky harbor, I see the reflection of our souls.

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