Fall into winter

Fall into the winter    

Change like the leaves

Transform into warm colors

Scenery is warm, but the breeze is cool

It's a feel in the air

Time to pull out those sweaters

Kids are back in school

Christmas is a blink away

seemded like thye took forever yesterday

I love to drive with my window down

Inhale the autumn air

Take it in deep

I love fall paintings

If only I could dive in

Hold on to this end

A new season is about to begin

We right on the verge

To the Cold that will preserve

The beauty of this season

60 degree breathing

The leaves eloquently descend

Look so graceful in the wind

When I was young we raked them

Then I would dive in

The sun starts to go asleep a lil earlier

Night emcompasses the day

But that's okay

I'm ready for the holidays

Then a new start

A snowy threshold we enter

A soul freeze then cleanse

Starts in the dead of winter


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