Someone Must Go First

365 challenge

My name I signed to what,

I thought was very just,

Only now I’ve come to realise,

That someone must go first.


Whether dropping from the sky,

Or simply drilling in a line,

The horrors of it all, I know,

Truly falls on those behind.


When we go to take a hammering,

It seems as if all of us are cursed,

Though we all have got our numbers,

We know someone must go first.


Bullets, shells, bombs and mines,

In pure unpleasantness we’re immersed,

And yet, we forget it all following,

The someone that goes first.


My eyes are wide,

My vision clear,

I’ll do what’s called of me,

To carry forth,

This thing called war,

For then a soldier ‘s someone I will be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

something that came about from thinking of valour for a creative writing class

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