Avaloniad, 2: Overheard In The High Priest's Office

The vengeance you have sought is a small fuss,
outside the temple. Old Tiberius
is busy, and has better things to do
than hear the merchant, Joseph, charged, by you,
with this so-called offense of heresy,
with aggravation of complicity
in plot against Rome, a conspiracy
(so you have said) commenced in Galilee.
Joseph's safe shelter is across the sea,
a large estate on a Britannic isle.
Its natural bay services several docks
(his stepfather built them). A mining lease
from local chieftains gives the locals work.
And Joseph's wealth will steadily increase.
Humble, without pretension, Joseph's style
is so unlike nost merchants' that it shocks
those who are not prepared for such a quirk.


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