Footnote: The Valedictorian's Sorrow

These four years seemed like
a bucolic poem, with brief
intrusions of the
world; but, ending, these years prove
to have been the intrusion.







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An education as an intrusion - wow and wow. To change the grad by missing living in the world - nice take on what education does not prepare the grad for when they leave classes. How to be apart or isolated is not the lesson we need to impart. Still, the grad is set apart by hundreds of lecture hours and weeks spent reading the wisdom for the hour. It never leaves you. Bravo on this write Well and sucinctly penned.




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Thank you

This one came, I think, from a reaction to the experience of the great Welsh poet, Hedd Wyn (bardic name of Ellis Evans, 1887-1917), who was drafted by the British governemtn into WWI.  HIs tragic, and needless, death on the battlefield robbed Wales of one of her greatest poets.  He was killed just before one of his poems won the Chair (or first prize) at the national Eisteddfod (an annual competition in the arts).