Round 5

I learned real quick that dreams come true,
but what I never imagined was that nightmares do to,
it was vivid, in depth, a skeem, but in real life,
it was you breaking my heart,giving me a new start,
the end of our relationship, it was a good run,
but at the most I was stunned.
I wish now that it was all just in my mind,
I've heard the phrase "A living nightmare" a
couple of times, but this, right here,
was enough proof that it indeed is true,
I saw it comming on for a couple of days,
but all I can say is that I'm late.
He dosent feel that "way" anymore, 
I feel like I'm keeping a score board,
round 5,not the first time, we've been over this,
not even a year ago, you say you had
that feeling then, but you don't know why,
this isn't a show, this is real life "bro.
Stop playing with my heart, it's not your new x-box,
I'm finished now, I'll walk out that door proud,
I'm out.

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