Love yourself.

Why does she feel that no matter what she does for him, her family, or anyone,

its never enough. Breaking all the rules for him. Going above and beyond for everyone else.

But what about herself?

She risks everthing, and its never enough.

She feels like such a fool.

Her family.. She doesnt know where to begin.

She feels buried so deep in her emotions, shh, let me stop for a min.

Her family, thats just another upset.

No, not just an upset feeling, 

Its a continous heartbreak.

She wakes up and feels like a disappointment everyday.

She doesnt bother to focus on all that she has achieved, it doesnt matter anyway.

There is more she can do, she knows this is true.

But if she gives anymore of her self to people who put the hurt in her heart,

what will she have left.

The day will come when she realizes she doesn't live to please others. She needs to please herself.

Thinks of herself first, she matters. Starting today shes letter that power they hold over her go, and shes going to start to love herself.

Because face it, If she cant love herself, how can she ever expect anyone else to?

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