I’m not easily mesmerized,

but how can you not be drawn in by the hushed
brushed wave swirls, rolls and whorls, 
lacy phosphorescent white nets of foam
wetly formed to obey the savage winds blown
a multilayered field of colors   in motion so fair
gathering in folds of briny ocean in the moonlight there?

Imagine those ceruleans, aquamarines, plums and green
right there in my mind betwixt trough and waves clearly seen,
deep blue undulating, roaring left and sensuously right
diving dreamscapes of liquid glass glowing bright 
blowing bubble blues, thrumming hues, moon shining through
enfolding, unfolding abyss of shadowed midnight mystery blue
breaking swells of joy upon themselves, journey to mirrored sands
gently searching, seeking, reaching for faraway tropic lands.

Consider how the hushed waves lull one to a tranquil refrain
If not seduced to willingly surrender lest one would go insane
where I want to abide, dream, absorb liquid space realized
totally, fully, so completely, I am deeply mesmerized…..

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