Samhain's Bells

Dark Poetry

Samhain's bells ring hauntingly dark
on thin veil of night, hanging by a thread
full moon high, midnight raven's cry
reuniting the living and dead.

Spirits of the night repeat a chant;
as she moves through woods to a lonely hill
drawn by dark forces and mesmerized
a journey to meet her dead lovers will.

Her tired and pinioned arms extend
as sentinel stands upon a mound,
the guardian glares a laser red 
as she kneels upon unholy ground

Her voice lifts high above the wind
with soft incantations she sings there
chanting spellbinding songs of old
with Samhain's bells ringing in the air.

Cold midnight air magically shimmers
bones raised up from unholy ground
reconstruction from the grave
by her incantation's eerie sound.

Thunder rolls and lightnings flash
as she sinks down upon her knees,
reaching out to place a kiss
as howling winds begin to tease.

Then his flesh quickens with her kiss
but not one sound does he make,
as he opens eyes, speaking her name
joyful cries heard that he's now awake.

Spirits of Samhain smiled upon their bliss,
with the passing of this stormy night
the spell has died and is no more
so she sadly returns at dawn's first light.

The enchanted time over, to sleep she goes,
and soon Winter Solstice bells will ring,
It is in her dreams she'll surely know
if she'll be called to him again in Spring.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Samhain is a mythological Gaelic time of Autumn 

Scots love to tell stories and I'm one of them ( fae, elves, waterhorse etc.)

I love a great campfire too!  Makes me very happy!

I miss the Scottish Gatherings in Autumn

Just a fun write...

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