Might I Be


Might I be a shooting star
Wished upon the singing light.
In wistful dreams so very far,
in melodious calm of  silent night.

Might I have a lasting glow,
That sparkles joy in open sky.
Capture beauty to bestow,
Amazement to his dazzled eyes.

Might there be such peace to feel,
Whelmed with a touch of mystical charm.
A magical light that seems surreal,
To keep children all safe from harm.

I’ll sparkle and glow, then take a dive,
When someone makes a wish upon me.
Burn brightly my colors through the sky,
With such radiant beauty for all to see.

Might I shine brightly until the day,
When moon and stars  sleep and retreat
A prism of hope that never fades,
Until my destiny becomes complete

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