Just One More Drop

Love Poems

gold sun rise ballad
whispering in ripe vineyards
sweet wine of daylight

moon scatters my dreams
for you I weep bitter tears
as night conquers light

In black hole darkness
A drop of sun
Like golden honey
Pours along my arm.
It warms me
Alive in memories
Of your gentle hand
And your soft voice
How often have I thought of you
When life became darkness
I would come to your vineyards
My hiding place,
Your open heart and soft warm rays
Of light would comfort me
With the amber of your soul.
I heard that you are dying
Death, vacant and deep darkness
I sit here in mourning
Love, the meteor of light….
Is there no protection ?
Should I walk always
Between dusty arid dawns
And dappled dusks?
I fear, I'd go quite insane
From such dazzling light ….

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