New York Blues


Pressure  on people

bombs put to harm

Chelsea residents

in dire alarm.


Can we go anywhere

anymore without

cooking up a scheme

meant to glean

as many of us

the perpetrator 

can get 

hurt or dead?


When its all done and said

in the news read by multitudes

it results in fears and

makes Americans

feel the Monday

bombed out


Author's Notes/Comments: 

There were reports that in Elizabeth  there were found pressure cookers used with bb's and ball bearings

( vicious intent to maim and kill)  packed into the cookers,but no cell phone control detonators were found. Nobody was injured in New Jersey, but in Chelsea, New York, it was another story as many were injured there.

Robotics were used in disarming the pressure cookers in New Jersey where one exploded as it was being disarmed.

Devices were taken to Quantico for further investigation.

Residents in New York are having to deal with delays in travel,frayed nerves and wondering what attacks may be next.

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