When the Rain Falls


When the rains fall,

the  beautiful flowers grow,

the aromatic smells of earth

steeped in deliciousness

savored by the few

tasted as fresh, moist

earthern edibles, yours are free

life is free if you let it be.


Adventurers and ladies,

flower children

who dared to enter

forests full of splendor 

a wonderland of joy

of flowing streams,glistening lakes 

and roaring waterfalls.


Nature turns me on

I could just have stayed there

forever and ever

Dreaming of 

other places to seek natures best

a fairy tale, you say.


I like the Hobbit, Tolkien,

Alice in Wonderland

Peter Pan

yeah fairy tales.

I'd like to be a child  forever


Oh, and you go your own path

to find what 

turns you on.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

somebody made me think about this again:)

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