A Forever Flower Child


In the early morning sun, 
my blue green eyes glitter 
like Gaia's jewels,
the warmth of sun kissing my skin.
My apparel is bohemian and
uniquely me.

I indulge my inner child
to blow bubbles awhile,
a playful nymph, soaring above
the daily cares of life,
in unlimited imaginations,
splashing in rainy puddles, 
enjoying the wet earthy aroma
like pungent incense, heady perfume.

I enjoy discovering new paths to walk on
in adventure and dreams
and walks through my garden
enjoying colors of redolent pleasures, 
my treasures, each and every petal, 
touching with delight,
picking a few for my hair.

I love orchids of violet passion,
my collections of them 
and I adore each one
like Angels all in a row
I will sit on a bench listening to the birds sing
to write Haiku poems,
sharing is  contagious joyful passion.....

I feel refreshingly alive in nature,
breathing in the essence of beauty, 
drinking it in as my nectar.
my cherished balm of healing.

I have many herbs to gather, songs to sing
Ideologies and politics can drain me
so I have learned to balance the pain with beauty.

On a day at the seashore, 
I create adventures in my mind with 
mermaids and Neptune,
telling stories, building sand castles,
reading books that I love
and quietly listening to the sea for hours
in breathtaking hushed wonderment.

And just as thrilled, I spend time on
another day amongst trees and forests
looking for fairies, dreaming,
touching trees where hobbits may live,
making rock art by the stream,
sketching landscapes,
creating dreamscapes for my walls,
writing poetry, with eclectic joy,
and singing old ballads as I softly strum.

I am content in my elements.
Vivaciously, I own it all! 

My quiet time is savored daily
in prayers, dreams and meditations
taking time for the garden always
in love with love like purest inlaid gold.

I am a forever flower child!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

always will be a flower child.  Long live Woodstock!

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