The Moon Pours Gold

Love Poems
Amethyst and pink crystalline reflect on glass
the treasure abides inside
beckons to me; retrieve the message
a mystery I’ve longed to solve.
Tasting the perfumed air of night
ebullience of the stars,
the sea roars at the sound
Of his name…..
The message clenched in my fist
heartbeats in soliloquies sync with the sea
scattered shards, moonbeams; gold on the sand
and fires burn deep…you alive inside of me.
My soul longs for you deeply
my joy and delight, my everything.
whisperer of words in poetry; 
my heart dances
Every breath I take
my unexpected lover
under the light of the Milky Way
voices of summer stars chanting….
Waltz wave ambience of the universe
dancing in the light of the moon
I am reminded of your promises
inked on my soul.
Through a curtain of vapor 
I can’t quite see your face,
but feeling your love
and your breath, warm on my cheek
I’ll keep seeking you
to unlock the mystery
and express more deeply the love
that keeps burning with coals of yearning.
If my quest should devour 
all of my tomorrows
and the moon pours forth gold,
but the treasures you’ve hidden is buried deeply.
I’m yours today, yesterday and tomorrow…..

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