Quasar pings, a new planet sings

Lazarus risen from his death

interstellar Miracle brings

life as humanity breathes it's last breath


destroyed by necrotic machinizations

it seemed like such a great invention

subtle with dictatorial meditations

not discerned, it's cruel true intention.


Planet Lazarus rise to meet need

a Miracle from heaven to meet despair

creation of truth with heavenly seed

navigate us from all doubt found here.


Let quasar joy sing out in sigh relief

humanity saved by a superior plan

light implodes, restores true belief

sphere is created as a gift to man.


Quasar pings the poeple sing

shouts of joy, the stars delight

an interstellar Miracle brings

peace is found in heavenly light




Author's Notes/Comments: 

computers look to be good,but shall be to man's destruction

the dictator leader shall have his number

controlling the world by computers

and shall lead humanity to their demise



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