The Lies in His Eyes ( 3 words chosen)

Dark Poetry

I wanted to do a silent scream when I'd see those lies behind

seductive brown eyes.

It just wasn't so easy as he thought to disguise!

Your wanton,willful arrogance, collecting all those girls

You thought I wouldn't find out if you kept me in a swirl

Swirled in lie, bleeding from brown eyes, secrets I knew

that one day would come back on you.


Now that your secrets were spread out for me to see

the silent screams have changed to a smirk

as you desire to get back in good with me

I'm now watching you,the one with all the hurt.


You just didn't really  ever realize

you'd be caught by the tell of your lies

in your haughty brown cheat in' eyes.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

and so He reaped what he sowed.

alone,miserable,dying of STDs.


I moved on to better.....

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