Miles of Misty Blue

Love Poems

How I wish the miles of white-capped hues 
Were less blue, perhaps a mile or two 
I’d love to stroll the sands of time with you 
to meet you face to face when summer winds blow
and to touch softly with fingers, a sacred trace 
'pon lips I’ve longed and dreamed to know. 

To curl up in your warm embrace 
and thrill to you as heartbeats race; 
togaze upon your handsome face 
It is all I think of when summer winds blow,
beguiled by your sweet loving soul,
and you feel it too, I surely know.

Don’t you know how I’ve savored your words as mine? 
read your lyrics and danced to secret songs in time 
O' Master of words and most delicate rhyme;
When summer winds blow, you are found in my heart 
though miles and depth of oceans keep us apart, 
but what am I to do with dreams

o’er miles and miles of misty blue? 

© 2016 Cheryl Koko Koomoa (All rights reserved)

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