When Love Passed By


O' the flowers have all faded

peace and unity have come undone;

a chaotic world now darkly jaded;

deepening storm clouds cover the sun.


As evil rises and darkness gathers

we need forgiveness to mend the past,

despite despair, come pray together 

for burdened hearts to heal at last.


Evict all rebellious action

in the hour of such disgrace;

Or will there even be a fraction

left of the human race?


No hiding behind dark shadows

receive grace and love to be set free;

Peaceful time in verdant meadows

His abiding love overshadows thee.


If we sow love, we must reap

a great harvest, peace as one

as we gathered while we weep,

this dark world is overcome.


.We are promised His love today

creating for us a brighter tomorrow, 

wipes all our tears from yesterday

cancels grief and burdening sorrow. 


Fragrant scents permeate the garden

with a new moon rising high in sky;,

mystical wind whispers of His pardon

when His love goes passing by.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Whether your faith agrees with mine,it matters not to me.

Love will overcome all evil in the end.

Faith is a choice.

I've made my choice, I respect yours.

Peace to ALL

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