Fruit of The Vine

Love Poems

Treasured vine clings with tendrils of love, 
wrapping round, round and around;
growing increases in miniscule minutes
hour by hours, beauty unseen,
working it's way to a desired destination,
where it bonds and blooms bountifully,
flowers transferring sweet fruit of the vine,
processed into delicate wine.

And akin to the vine, it's wine 
two lovers as one, entwine 
mutually in love as a vine,
budding day by day
inch by inch, up from its root
love co-mingles, blossoms to fruit.

Soon pleasantness of it's fruit
will flow, be blissfully savored .
lips tasting of wine, sweet fruit of the vine,
intoxicating senses with unfurled pheromones;
the ardor, a blossoming sensual essence,
closer to you, swathed in your loving aura
two, passionately entwined now, as one .


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