Sunset surrenders radiant hues,
golden flash to velvet horizon 
warming me with promises of tomorrow 
in the deafening solitude of stillness of night.
Seeking the keys of love and life,

pondering my past, questioning the future;
Memories, and dreams flooding the chambers of my heart, 
a ripple of a stone cast upon the waters of time .

Reflections of love, remembering a child’s daydreams 

hidden in the dark of night.

For so long I guarded my heart,

treasures locked securely in hidden chambers,

a prison of solitary confinement and
another casualty of love gone aground.

Shipwrecked on a sea of loneliness

Then……….. there was you!
Trust rebirths in love,
a key to my heart in your capable hands 
unlocking dreams and faith.

Fantasies became reality, passions unbridled

with the radiance of dawns new light.
I am reminded of the bond we share,
your tender words comforts me 
as the morning star shines with new hope.

Finally I know what it means to be a woman!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

learning to know love .

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