Silhouette Sunset

Love Poems

Oh to be young at heart
two embrace in lovers play
joyful glint in light of day 
without any reservation required 
just passionate response is desired
sunset silhouette lovers delight
casting shadows of promise into night

The evening sipped 
sun spilled sparkle gloaming shimmers
vesper hints of golden glimmers
spoke in glorious radiant streams
promising more in joy lit dreams
slinging in a bright silvery hue
romance calls to me and you.

To seek the chance
In velvet colors of last light
of beauty found in edge of night
wistful glances and lovingly touch
overwhelmed with love they seek so much
The sun sinks deep in sweet romance 
two shadows entwined in a lovers dance


Cheryl  Koko Koomoa 

© 2016! Cheryl  Koko Koomoa (All rights reserved)


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