For your Birthday

To the blonde lady, beautiful as can be
I give you this poem written by me.
With all of my heart, let me just say
I wish for yo, the happiest birthday!

For a woman of 50; your lookin damn good.

I'd ask you out, if I thought that you would.

You dont show your age of that I'd swear
and I'm not just saying it... becauseI care.
You're the bright ray of sunshine that each of us need
You're the one that I want to... share a bowl of weed.
So today is your day, may you do what you will
but don't tip the bong and your drink... dont spill!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet sheri, hope you like this simple rhyme
party hard, love long & please.... have a good time.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is for my lady friend Sheri, for her B-day 50th.

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