Okay Nate... here's your hate

Ok Nate... here’s your hate!

Merciful compassion? No-way! Not me!

I’ll spit in your eye, so you can’t see.

Anger building up; then lashing out

Kick him in the head, removing all doubt.

Now that I’m pissed, I’ll kick, punch and rip

My finger in your nose; I tear it from your lip.

Blood going everywhere… you scream out loud.

I punch you in the face; for drawing a crowd.

A kick to your stomach; you lose what you ate.

You’ve made me so mad, it borders on hate.

Poke out an eyeball; bite off one ear.

How’s that sucker? Now you can only half hear.

Bend your finger back, till it pops and then breaks

I’m kicking you ass, in front of your date.

Now that you’re crying, I’ll leave you with your pain

It’ll be me and my girlfriend, and yours for sex games.

Snivel and whine, like the sissy-laa-laa you are.

Ha, Ha, Mother fucker, I’m also, taking your car.

©2004 Paul (ChryWizard) Posney

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