Out looking in looking out

Out looking In, Looking out

                             Scream and yell, saying terrible things,

                          Throwing; hitting; inflicting severe pain.

                            You look in the eyes; there’s fire and rage,

                              Is this for real; or an act on the stage?

                          Are you out looking in or in looking out?

                             You ask what the hell it’s really about.

                                If this is love then why do you stay?

                      But you know in your heart there’s no other way.

                   You can pack all your things and reach for the door,

                   But love conquers all… So you stay and take more.

                          Yes this is a life as hard as it comes,

               It’s a life living in hell; when it’s from the one you love!!!

©1985 Paul (ChryWizard) Posney

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