The Sum of your Peers

The Sum of your Peers

You turn your eyes inward

And what do you see?

Are you living a life

As the best you can be?

Do you give the respect?

To the people you meet?

Or are they no more

Then the dirt at your feet.

Do you extend out your hand?

And help them to rise?

Or do you smile to their face

While telling them lies?

Do you live by the rule

That’s golden and true?

“Do unto others; as you

would have them do unto you.”

When ask to describe you;

Do your friends speak with pride?

Or do we hear in their voice

That there’s something to hide?

Doe’s your Father smile brightly

And is your Mother real proud?

When; in conversation,

Your name is spoken out loud.

As the sum of your peers

Who have you become?

Are you one of the many?

Or the many of one?

©2003 Paul (ChryWizard) Posney

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