Moon Beams

Moon Beams

Moonbeams of light shower your soft naked skin

The full moon above; shows a body; made for sin.

Enticing hot pools by a cold flowing river

As you step in the water, your body suddenly quivers.

The temperature change; makes your nipples stand out

Escaping your lips is a gasp; close to a shout.

Into the steamy water you lower yourself down

Splashing and laughing; you swim slowly around.

Dunking your head and wetting your hair

I’m captivated by you… I simply just stare.

Moonbeams of light help brighten your face

Heaven is found at this earthly place.

I lay back in the water as you pour us both Wine

Glasses are plastic but we agree it’s just fine.

I toast to your beauty…you smile and blush

The river flows by, in such a fast rush.

Ripples in the water, make a soothing sound

It’s late in the night; no others around

Moonbeams of light shining through the trees

Encase us in shadows its now harder to see.

But even in shadow, all your beauties revealed

The bond between friends; is forever sealed.

Be we as lovers, or simply as friends

I’m thankful for you, until my life ends

©2006 Paul (ChryWizard) Posney

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