A Tribute to Mattie

A tribute to Mattie

In memory of a young poet, who died last year in June
Mattie Stepanek, God took you too soon.
A friend to the world, an Ambassador for MDA
He lived with its pain, each moment, everyday!
A close friend of Jerry's, and President Carter as well
He started writing at three, to deal with his hell.
He always wore a smile, his presence made you feel good
He inspired us to be better, if we possibly could.
He ask Bush to seek peace, instead of a war
He published several books... I wish it'd been more.
He never asks favor, from the lord up above
But, God was his inspiration; when he wrote about love.
Oprah just loved him, as did; Charlie and Diane
though bound in a wheel chair; he walked tall as a young man.
This Poem isn't about; remembering his death
it’s written to honor, what this child did the best.
What he did with his life, though short as it was
this is a tribute to his sharing, with the world...
His, unwavering love!

In Memory of: Mattie Stepanek
(July 1991- June 2004)

Paul (ChryWizard) Posney©2005

If you don't know who Mattie Stepanek was... look him up!
His courage & poetry may inspire you! (?)

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