Better with age

Better with age

This poem is written, for the ladies out there

You know the ones, with grey in their hair.

I find them more appealing, and yes, sexy too

With age comes experience, and knowing what to do

They know what they want, and, aren't afraid to say so

They don't play girlie games, for that, I’m thankful

And speaking of sex, yes; I was doing that!

They're much better in bed, on my word; that’s a fact

They worry about age, like it means death or life

A woman over forty, I'd choose as my wife.

Their hips may get wider, which makes them, easier to hold

Which is good for us men, whose eyes; dim, as we get old

Some say, they've been through the ringer, and that may be

But I simply say; that leaves the best one for me.

Younger is okay, if you don’t know what you need

Younger is fine, when you're planting your seed

Older is better; they’ve more ways to have fun

A woman over forty, still knows, how to act young

All you older men, (confused) who want someone younger

Are blindly missing out, on a mature ladies hunger

This poem is written, to give honor and praise

To the Women out there, who get better with age!

©2007 Paul (Chrywizard) Posney

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