How do you describe something
You can’t see or touch?
But, it’s something so powerful
It can mean; so very much.
Notice, I did not say….
It was something; you couldn’t feel?
That’s because you can…
And that’s, what makes it real!
It’s given from one to another
It’s passed; from soul to soul.
It’s always given from love
To ease pain its only goal.
The person who gives this gift
Ask nothing in return,
But, they hold to the hope
That lesson’s; will be learned.
Sometimes; what inspires this gift
Are events; so terribly bad.
The heart suffers from a pain
From, a loss of something once had!
The one who inspired these words
Is a mother; who’s daughter; was killed.
Forgiving the woman; who, caused the death
Has helped; both hearts; to heal.
Forgiveness is a simple act
That can be, the hardest thing to do
For its born; from heart felt pain
And released, with love… brand new!

©2003 Paul (ChryWizard) Posney

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this was inspired by true events, the entire event change me.

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