Freedom Attacked 9/11

Freedom Attacked  9/11

(To honor & in remembrance of the loss)  

Twin towers rising high

once overseeing all

America's heart cried

as we watched the two fall.

Terror served cruelly

no consideration for life

is reflected most clearly

in the eyes of a wife.

Hundreds died quickly

for some...Who knows when?

Americans listened to the news

as the horror, was filled in.

For the first time in history

no planes allowed to fly,

will this measure help

so more Americans, won't die?

The people in the planes

let us not, forget!

my heart, cries with the families

though we, have never met.

Or the servicemen who died

in the Pentagon, we thought so safe

bow your head in prayer

as we, re-evaluate our faith.

"Freedom was attacked"

That’s what the President said!

Well freedom, will fight back!

In memory, of the dead!

Not for revenge, or hatred

No, those motives will not do....

We'll fight for the spirit of freedom

that burns bright in, me and you.

So every year, come September

Through out the world, we will remember!

©09/11/2001 Paul (ChryWizard) Posney

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