One Christmas morning


One Christmas morning

One Christmas morning, I found; I must have been bad,

    Because, presents from Santa; there's not one that I had.

I looked back on the year, to see what I'd done,

What terrible deeds? But I found not a one.

Oh; I wasn’t an angel, but I tried to be good,

  I did all the things; that I thought that I should.

I was always polite, and I never did steal,

A white lie or two, but, no big deal!

I never cheated people or cheat on A wife.

So what was so bad; that I did in my life?

As I looked back on the year, I started to see,

The gifts I’d been given, not under the tree.

The respect of my peers, a Son; I’m proud of,

Two beautiful grand-children, whom; I dearly love!

The sweet laughter of children, and the smiles they share,

A life; full of wonder, filled with people who care!

I realized right then, standing next to the tree,

How selfish I’d been, and Christmas; wasn’t about me.

It took me a moment to remember, what Christmas was about...

It honor’s the birth of my savior, and sacrifice; with no doubts.

          ©2006 Paul(ChryWizard) Posney    

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