Snowflake and the Seven dudes


Snowflake and the seven dudes

(a fairytale parody)

Doc was the dealer….He supplied all the dope.

Sneezy loved to snort his stuff, which happens to be coke.

Happy was the pot head, he smiled all the time

And Dopey loved to sniff the glue, he bought at the five and dime.

Bashful was the crankster….out the windows he would peek.

Sleepy slammed the heroin, then; he’d nod off to sleep!

Grumpy was the best of them, though you could never tell.

Recovery had him clean and mean, he’d just left county jail!

Then you have Miss Snowflake….she seemed so pure and good

But fifty bucks placed in her hand, she’d do you where you stood.

Now you know the story; the one that’s really true

There’s no reason; that, I should lie…

To someone, as naïve; as you!!!

©2003-Paul (ChryWizard) Posney

Author's Notes/Comments: 

nothing needs to be said... you get it LOL

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