Romancing You

Romancing You

How can I show you; the things that you’ve missed?

My gentle hand caress’s your cheek, as we share a sweet gentle kiss.

Surprise; all of a sudden, you’re pulled into my arms

In that moment you realize; here; you’re safe from harm

Pulling you in closer; as both our bodies meet

My heart; you feel it pumping, love for you with every beat

You kiss me with a passion; that you forgot you had

Then your mind is racing, with thoughts; erotically bad

Kissing me even harder, your tongue slipping through my lips

You press your body hard to mine; my hands go to your hips

Then my arms are around you, this kiss it lasts so long

The magic felt in the air, we share like an old; love song

You pull back from the kiss and all we do is stare

Desire shows with lusts hot breathe, we both gasp; for cool fresh air  

I look into your eyes, you see deep in my soul

To be the one to show you love, I’d willingly fill the role

You bless me with a smile, and then sadly back away

Afraid these feelings I awoke, may cause you pain one day

Trust me with your feelings; open up your heart

Fan the fires of desire; let your passions burn white hot

Imagine us together, romance in the air

How far would you take it? How far would you dare?

Softly on your neck; can you feel my kiss?

Late at night; in your dreams; am I the one you miss?

2008 Paul (ChryWizard) Posney

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