Sunday Morning


On Sunday morning, after I got out of bed,

I went to my knees and raised my head.

I thanked my Lord Jesus for my wonderful Life,

For my teenage children and my loving wife.

I reflecked on the week and any troubles I had,

And because of his support I don’t feel sad.

Oh week wasn't easy; first my truck broke down,

My Dog got run over and my best friend left town.

Saturday fishing was bad, didn’t catch a darn thing,

And last Tuesday morning my wife lost her ring.

The Bank called on Wednesday; said: my loan was past due,

That it would foreclose on my house if I didn't make ”not one payment but two.”

Now some men would be angry; they’d kick, spit and cuss,

But Gods love is within me; so I didn't even fuss.

Friday was the topper; for at the end of the day,

We heard the boss and his mistress left the country with our pay.

Still “THANK YOU! Lord Jesus” for both the good and the bad.

All things considered . . . My life's still pretty Rad.

©2002 Paul (ChryWizard) Posney

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