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I need to feel connected, but you make sure I don't.

I need to feel emotional love... but you make sure I won't.

You don't want to feel a thing, especially my loving touch.

You never cuddle up to me or start  to play in jest. You won't kiss me long and deep holding back your very best.

In my mind I'm starting to see... Im really not your boyfriend 

Im just a guy who's in love with you that you play until the end.

So it's time I faced the truth, and simply walk away...

If I must beg for your company, it means I shouldn't stay.

 I want what you can't give, or at least not to me. 

I Want someone who really believes...they can't live without me.

Since it seems that's just not you, and your never going to try.

I'll give up, I'll let you go, I guess I'll say goodbye.

Then you won't have to pretend, and you won't have to live a lie.  


Paul (ChryWizard)  Posney ©02/007/2018

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